Our Minnesota Solutions

Pragmatic Proposals to Address Minnesota’s Problems

As part of his drive to address Minnesota’s problems through Minnesotan solutions Steve has begun to offer the following stances and proposals. As part of his drive to return Minnesotan politics to the pragmatic moderation that has marked us in the past he encourages input from all his constituents both in shaping better policy and in calling attention to problems and issues he may not have yet noticed or addressed.

Responsible Governance

We can bring Minnesota into the 21st Century by respecting what has made us great. As a Senator I will strive first to get the business of government done by reaching across the aisle and avoiding needless fights over matters not directly related to the efficient and effective operation of the government.

Lower taxes

As a Senator I will put the needs of my constituents first by making sure we never see an increase in taxes in Outstate Minnesota so big businesses in the Metro can avoid paying their part. I will make every effort to protect Minnesota’s job creators, the proud working men and women of Minnesota, from undue burdens due to national and international corporations using tax loopholes and accounting tricks to cheat Minnesotan tax payers. 

Serving our future

As a Senator I will not “balance the budget” on the backs of our children. I will work across the aisle to ensure that the cost saving efforts we use to balance our budget do not add to a future deficit by asking that we first look to common sense and ask whether the cuts we make now will only cost us far more later. High School Finance classes teach teenagers that it is necessary to plan for the future to be fiscally responsible, our Legislature needs to follow that same rule.