Our Candidate

Steve is stevea fresh young candidate for Minnesota Senate District 18 who jumped in to politics to fix the broken system and refocus local politics on local problems.​

Steve Schiroo was born in Glencoe in 1986. He spent his early years on a family
farm north of Gaylord. In those years the family kept up a 44 acre farm while building a successful automotive electrical rebuilding shop.

As a little tyke, Steve was kept in the shop office desk drawer while his Mom worked on the books. Once he could sit up he was strapped to the top of his dad’s work bench where he learned to put together his first puzzle – a stripped down alternator. He was raised in that shop and in the cabs of two farm tractors, moving to Silver Lake in fourth grade.

Steve is young, but he has been in the workforce long enough to know that the system is not working for average Minnesotans. After graduating, he spent time working in factories, including three years at HTI. During that time he survived six lay-offs of varying sizes and came to know too well the anxiety of the modern work force. In 2009, Steve began working at a group home in Cokato, finding that providing care and service to mentally handicapped men can be a personally rewarding and fulfilling job.

As a new homeowner, Steve has also witnessed the problems and inequities caused by the state’s over-reliance on property taxes. He recently purchased a home in Cokato, witnessing property taxes on his house, which cost less than $50,000, rise higher.

Steve has spent his life searching for ways to streamline the system and make it work better for all members, not just those with a lobby. He’s now inviting people of all parties to renew Minnesota’s promise as driven to serve, to return the focus to Minnesotan solutions to Minnesota’s problems, and passionate about small town Minnesota and finding solutions rather than causing problems. He has stepped up to run as the DFL endorsed candidate for Senate District 18 (Encompassing all of McLeod, Meeker, and Sibley Counties as well as Cokato Township and Cokato proper).

If you’re interested in learning more you can check out the website or contact him via phone, email, facebook, or snail-mail.


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