Bonus Voting Day!

As we ended another week of campaigning with Darwin Twine-Ball Day yesterday, we’re looking forward to a busy week at the Cokato Corn Carnival and a bonus election day on Tuesday the 12th as the Primaries come due.

If you missed the Darwin parade, you missed a great crowd and as many as three chances to see some of the floats as neighbors and friends rolled past throwing handfuls of candy. It was a warm, sunny day for the parade with a breeze just when it was needed, and the lineup grows year after year. We saw many friends and supporters there and streets full of smiling faces and laughter as “Blackjack” for Sheriff—and/or Mayor—shot nickles out of the air and floats rolled by with signs as simple as “The kids wanted to be in the parade!”.

Don’t forget Monday we’ve got the Cokato Corn Carnival parade! Line-up starts at 5:30pm on 7th Street and we’re expecting to see Joe Perske—the DFL candidate for Rep. Bachmann’s seat—walking as well. If you’d like to be there to help support your local candidates and meet other people on the ticket, we’d love to see you before 6 pm when the Kiddie Parade leads off.

In related news, don’t forget to get to your local polling place for the Primary on Tuesday, as polls should be open all day. It’s very important for the health of all parties to have a more active and representative population get to the polls to finalize their tickets before November.